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Use cases

How it works and how will it benefit you?

The app allows you to evaluate the knowledge level of the people you want to test on a given topic through tests. You can pre-define your own test types, group your students and upload your own questions or buy from our partner validated professional question sets.

You can sort your questions into thematic groups so you can later assign them to an exam with a single click. You also have the option to set different levels of difficulty within each group of questions and to create multi-level exams that build on each other.

Job-specific competence measurement

Elevating the performance of your competency management boosts your performance and lowers your OPEX


  • Gain an accurate picture of your employees' knowledge levels
  • Identify pain points to achieve the best possible results
  • Reference profiles can be developed based on the results of high-performing, reliable colleagues
  • Create optimized training processes and teams based on the results
  • Regular testing shows the effectiveness of training and highlights critical areas for improvement
  • Make more effective personalized/team development plans.  
Job-specific competence measurement

Recruitment/selection process

  • An innovative and professional selection process
  • Save time and money with a digitalized selection process
  • No need to bother with paperwork and test scoring
  • You can easily assess the candidate's knowledge and competence level remotely
  • The HR manager can easily assess whether the candidate has the professional skills required for further interviews
  • With pre-designed questions or questions validated by our expert partners, there is no need to involve the field in the first steps of the selection process
  • A consistent, easily comparable, and measurable assessment
Recruitment/selection process

Onboarding process

  • Create consistency and efficiency with our online solution
  • Provides instant feedback
  • Develop a consistent, comparable, and easily optimized agile process
  • No need to schedule appointments, employees can access the system where and when they need it
  • Lower costs, no need to book rooms, and use the time of experienced colleagues
Onboarding process


Elevate the performance of your tests! With ExAm ONLINE VoC TOOL, you can make your assessment paperless and more efficient! Here are some examples of how our application can benefit you:

  • A comprehensive system for any examination
  • Upload course material or aids for the exam
  • Pre-course assessment for group allocation or topics
  • You can also set a prerequisite test for the exam
  • You can ask escape questions at the end of your online exam
  • At the end of lessons, you can give your students the opportunity to check their knowledge without any stakes

ExAM Online VoC Tool Demo

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